Delete the apps

Are you feeling non-productive? The solution is simple and easy. All we need is some willpower.

Many times we see people around are complaining about not being productive enough. And we see the same people are on social media, news, games and stock apps, and watching television, at the time when they actually should be working. All these just out of habit.

The cure is, delete the apps, remove the television from the bedroom or workroom. Start doing what you know you should be doing.

Even when you are done with the work, do something that would enhance your mood instead of being in front of the device. Sing, dance, walk, talk, meditate, go for a drive, and whatever else you actually love to do.

Let a week go by, and you would love this new routine and habit so much so that you never want to be addicted to digital devices.

Try it and share your feedback.

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