Businessman and entrepreneur

The two terms businessman and entrepreneur are interchangeably used many times. We call someone a businessman or an entrepreneur, while in reality, the person would be otherwise.

A businessman uses an already existing idea in the market and will build a business on that concept. At the same time, an entrepreneur is the one who brings his unique idea to build a product or service and use it to start his business.  

A businessman’s main motto would be to expand the market and create value for the shareholders. At the same time, an entrepreneur’s main motto is to solve some pain by building a service or a product as a start-up.

We see many entrepreneurs who would build a startup and then sell it to a businessman because an entrepreneur’s main focus is to create a market with new products. Once the market is created, the businessman takes it over from there.

Some entrepreneurs would actually be successful as businessmen too—for example, Steve Jobs of Apple and Sachin Bansal of Flipkart.

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