breaking the comfort zone

In my opinion, breaking the comfort zone is so overrated. Pick any consultant, motivational speaker, or coach; they all talk about the same thing and break your comfort zone. 

I do not think we need to break our comfort zone. Who knows, whatever we have achieved is because we know how well we can play within the comfort zone. And life is not about playing the blind games; it is about taking calculated risks, which comes from staying in the comfort zone and, if needed, extending the comfort zone without getting into the danger zone.

I am scared of heights, and I don’t see a point why I would want to do sky diving or bungee jumping? It proves nothing. Instead, if I am good at running, I should expand my comfort by running a couple of kilometers more than what I usually run. 

Even those who say that we need to be out of the comfort zone, I am not sure if they have done and if they have done it, maybe breaking the comfort zone is within their comfort?

What do you think? Is comfort zone overrated?

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