Breaking the barrier

At some point or other, we all feel stuck in some situation. No matter how hard we try to get out of it, we can’t find the way.

This happens to the best of us and happens in personal as well as business life.

Sometimes, we cruise at a crushing speed, and we feel nothing can ever stop us. And other times, we get so stuck at one point that no matter what we try, we cannot move a needle.

It’s like you have hit the plateau and aren’t able to break the barrier. My personal experience is, trying new things would help. Not everything will work, but if many things are tried, something will click, and you can get back on your speed. Yes, if you have a specific goal to reach, that also helps as a torch barrier and can guide you to be back on track.

Sometimes, you need to take a different route and sometimes more risk. In short, some new way has to be deployed because whatever you were knowing hasn’t worked. 

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