Be you. Be real. Be Happy.

When you try to please others, you become unreal. And when you become unreal, you are never happy.

Not just that you would dislike being in this situation, you also would start disliking the person whom you are trying to please. The whole situation will start with you pleasing others, thinking it will make them happy and in return would make you happy. And ends with you being unhappy, and because you aren’t authentic, you won’t be able to please the other person forever, eventually making that person unhappy too.

When you are real, you won’t have to worry about pleasing others, as those who would be pleased with you would stick around, leading you towards spreading more happiness.

Personally, when I try to please people, I start feeling suffocated after some time. This leads me to avoid them, leaving them wondering why I am avoiding them. But with those, where I don’t have to work towards pleasing, I am natural and happier. In return, making them happy as well, without effort.

What is your experience? How do you feel when you aren’t real?

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