Allotted Karma and tasks

As we know, we come to the world with our allotted Karma for one life, and we have to spend these Karmas by the end of life.

Once we finish or substantially reduce the allotted karma, we start becoming free, and we can plan what next we want to do to progress spiritually, which leads to peace.

But if we keep procrastinating our karma, we live a life of anxiety and fear and never get to decide what we want to do with our life.

When we apply the same principle to our work life, which isn’t separate from our life, if we complete our allotted tasks proactively, we get time to define what we can do with our time for our own and the company’s progress.

And if we delay our tasks by procrastinating, we invite a work-life filled with anxiety and fear. Our consciousness doesn’t let us live with peace because it knows we must take care of the allotted tasks. 

We can find any number of reasons to procrastinate, but those are reasons. There is no peace until we don’t complete our allotted Karma/Tasks on time/before time. And without peace, there is no progress. 

In a nutshell, never procrastinate, and wherever possible, be proactive to finish tomorrow’s tasks today. That’s how we feel at peace and achieve progress.

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Thank you, Limesh. Appreciate you taking the time and replying.

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