A hybrid model for Work From Home

What is going to be the model for the Tech industry moving forward?

Though currently, Work From Home is working, at times, the social interaction is missed and constantly online, affecting the sanity.

While Work From Home seems to stay now, personally, I feel that the hybrid model of Work From Home and Work From Office will be more of the norm for the tech industry. People would prefer working a few days from the office and other days from home.

While working from home improves the personal level of productivity, it helps to be with the team in person for collaboration and satisfy our social interaction needs.

I have reached this conculsion after talking to my team, taking surveys and also monitoring the Work From Home situation since the start of the pandemic. I strongly believe with a strong process and by taking accountability for our own work, Work From Home works.

What are your thoughts on the future of the work model for the tech industry?

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